28 March, 2017

What does the scale above mean to you as a skier or snowboarder in the Gulmarg backcountry? Remember, this advisory is for the Gulmarg backcountry, which means the terrain that is outside of Gulmarg Ski Area. The red areas in the photo below are the Gulmarg backcountry, and the green area is Gulmarg Ski Area. This advisory does not apply to the green zone ski area. Read more here.

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gulmarg avalanche

Snowpack Discussion

28 March 2017 – Avalanche danger above Treeline today is Low (1), natural and human triggered avalanches unlikely. Rain is forecasted today with freezing levels above the top of the chair lift. Heavier rain fall at mid day today.  There is a possibility of Wet Slab avalanches today during the middle of the day if we receive enough rainfall to “wake up” the weak layer at the new snow old snow interface from the most recent storm. The take home message here is that if there is heavy rain today above and at Treeline, it’s best to avoid all avalanche terrain. Ski in the ski area. Heavier rainfall will bring the avalanche danger to Moderate (2) at Treeline and Above Treeline, with the primary concern being Wet Loose and Wet Slab avalanches on all aspects above 3000 meters.

Below Treeline, avalanche danger is Low (1), natural and human triggered avalanches unlikely. Watch out for unstable Wet Loose snow on steeper isolated terrain features.

http://www.deepsnowsafety.org/index.php/. We now have enough snow in the conifer forests for skiers and riders to get trapped in tree wells and stream holes. Read more about this phenomenon in the link above. It causes several fatalities each year in other ski regions of the globe.


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Weather Forecast (link:http://www.snow-forecast.com/resorts/Gulmarg/6day/mid)